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How I help...

I'll help you achieve maximum productivity and efficiency by implementing clear procedures with the right technological tools that achieve transparency, accountability, and excellence across all business functions. 

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Business Development

I execute what entrepreneurs envision.

Whether your business is long established or just getting started, I'll help you turn ideas into success. I provide a strategic game plan to address your primary needs and specific budget. I give you the tools and advice necessary to run each department, function, business process, and technology more efficiently and effectively.  If your business is running your life, rather than running smoothly, I can help.

Efficiency Audit

Operations, Innovations, and Implementation.

Want your business to run better? Need streamlined procedures and newer technology but don't know your options? I look at your day-to-day micro and macro level procedures & operations, analyze the data, and provide you with a targeted business plan. I provide you with a comprehensive business analysis, procedural roadmap, and customized operations plan, highlight the best tech offerings for your needs and your budget. I don't just find the problems, I find ways to fix them.

Business Meeting

Operational Execution

From basic employee training and troubleshooting to complete in-house integrations, I implement and oversee your company operations as much or as little as you need.  Maximize your current tech or apply the latest innovations, to update your procedures and modernize your business. I step in as your a la carte COO to get you the most effective and efficient procedures, so you can get the best out of your business.  

Skills / Expertise

Skills & Expertise

  • CRM Expert with experience in HubSpot, Active Campaign, and PipeDrive.

  • App Developer in a no-code Relational Database specializing in Quick Base, Kintone, and Notion.

  • Proficiency in Quick Books, Jira, Confluence, Microsoft Office Suite, Google and more.

  • Website Design & Development

  • SEO & PPC + Analytics Proficient

  • Business Development & Growth Plans Internal

  • Operations & Logistics Procedures Employee Retention & Human Resources Financial Management Tools

  • Employee & Executive Training Seminars, Team Building practices geared toward mindfulness, productivity, tech literacy, decreasing employee burnout and company pride.

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